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Raksha Bandhan with Dailybuyys

Posted on July 26 2022

The Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan also known as Rakhee, has a significance more than just a day of religious celebration. It is a day to rekindle and relive the bond between cousins and siblings. With the ever emerging fast paced life and the growing busy livelihood, we struggle to stay in touch. In the modern world, festivals like rakhee gives us the opportunity to brush off the dust off these relationships.
The festival of Rakhee has various origin stories emerging out of the Hindu myths. One such is the story of Draupadi and Lord Krishna. She had once torn a piece off her saree to tie around Lord Krishna's wounded palm and in turn Lord Krishna promised to protect her all his life as her brother. Later he provided protection to her during the infamous "Chir-haran" episode of Mahabharata. This episode has a huge significance depicting the relationship of mutual care and protection between brother and sister.
But everything aside, Rakhee like any other festival gives us the opportunity to dress up in our ethnic attire. We would take this oppotunity to fan our desire to revert to our Indian heritage and drape ourselves in a saree, particularly when donning for the rakhi celebration, despite how much we attempt to alienate and wear pants and blouses.
At Dailybuyys we house every genre of design and saree. If you seek it, we have it.

If you are one to indulge into traditional sarees then choose from our fine collection of Dhakai Jamdani, Tussar Ghicha, Kerala Kasavu and wide range of silk and cotton sarees.
The Dhakai Jamdani Sarees are produced and sourced from Phulia weavers who work on traditional looms and also power-looms adorned with colourful butis.
Our Pure Silk Sarees are produced and sourced from Bishnupur and Murshidabad after meticulous quality check. Then they are adorned with Hand painting, Hand block printing, discharge printing and screen printing to bring to you the finest and most gorgeous printed silk sarees. 

If you are one who loves sarees but struggles with carrying them for an entire day then also no need to worry. Shop from our linen, silk, organza, georgette, satin saree ranges. You can walk about with sarees that aren’t too bulky. They have the ideal level of fractional transparency. They fit your physique so that you can show off your contours.

Which hues do you have to use to speak up or have the intended impact? We’ve always thought that Purple colour is the one that brings that off. It looks great with just about everything, matches all, and enhances any ensemble. Green, yellow, or magenta might also be used as the NEONS this year.

Dailybuyys is offering Raksha Bandhan SALE

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