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Posted on December 23 2022

It's so difficult t stop oneself from getting into the festive spirit. With only 2 days to go, for Christmas holiday and, because we are worried that the cold outside will make us sick ,but can keep oneself away from the Christmas tree that remains firmly entrenched in the store room. I love Christmas, I’m just feeling super duper excited in this year. Maybe it’s the weather – still much too mild, even for the INDIA; or the fact that I haven’t been out and about much in the last few weeks, so had a chance to experience the festive decorations engulfing hotel lobbies or the cheesy Christmas covers being blared out in the nation’s many malls. So, this weekend, the plan is to try to inject some Christmas spirit into my current Grinch-like existence. I’m sharing my simple, foolproof plan, in case you, too, are having trouble getting in the holiday mood. Scents can trigger strong emotions, so remind yourself of Christmases past by infusing your home with festive aromas. Bed, Bath & Beyond's Cinnamon Spice & Pumpkin candle is a great place to start. For a more labour intensive but effective solution, create a Christmas potpourri by placing things like cinnamon, oranges, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and vanilla in a big pot of water and letting it simmer on the cooker throughout the day. Add water as needed – unless you want to add burnt oranges to your catalogue of Christmas smells. Enhance the whole experience by making our self a nice cup of hot chocolate.
Go out and do one really Christmassy thing: Try ice skating at The Dubai Mall; go for a meal at Apres in the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates and convince yourself that Ski Dubai is actually the Swiss Alps; go out on a night on the town wearing a silly festive hat; head to work in a hideous jumper; chat with Santa at one of the many Christmas markets around the country; share a packet of mince pies with some colleagues – whatever it is, force yourself to do one really cheesy Christmassy thing this week. Whether an invitation calls for dressy casual, semi-formal, white tie, or black-tie attire, deciphering a dress code can be challenging. It’s essential to learn the basics of each dress code, so you don’t show up in a ball gown or tuxedo to your cousin’s backyard barbecue or jeans and a T-shirt to your friend’s wedding gala. Here’s a rundown on the most common dress code at holiday parties and celebrations.
And yet here we, a little under 3 days, it's Christmas!
Time off work...gifts to give and receive. Eating and drinking, seeing friends, family, loved ones...The atmosphere of good will and cheer... What's not to like?...Well at times the hustle and bustle of the festive season can also be quite stressful
The good news however is that, Mood Essentials™ has got your back, whether it's adding some joy to your holidays, finding the right gift, or helping de-stress; below are 4 reasons why you need Mood Essentials™ this Christmas:
Add some Joy to your holidays...
Spritz into the festive season with some I Have Joy, a fruity floral fragrance that smells like an Aperol spritz with a twist and brings to mind (and nose) visions of halcyon days gone past. It's love at first spritz and feels like that first embrace after eons apart. Gifts with thought sorted...
Leave a lasting impression on your loved ones with thoughtful gifts that are functional fragrances with delish scents to wear as a perfume or cologne but also help in moments when a boost of calm, confidence, focus or joy is needed helping them to reconnect to their true self. Santa's best stocking fillers...
Some times the best things come in small packages and out our travel size mood boosting scents are the perfect size for those goodies to fill stockings. Kick holiday stress to the curb.

De-stress, relax and unwind with our Calm All Round pack that lets you enjoy some ME time. Un-wind and enjoy some me time with showering with a relaxing scent of I Have Calm body wash that offers a rich moisturizing cleanse; followed by pampering skin with the award winning I Have Calm hand & face cream that helps soothe and moisturize skin .And lastly scent the mood with I Have Calm fragrance, an earthy floral scent that helps you feel like you are being whisked away to the Noosa hinterland at 5pm on a Friday. Sinking into a poolside lounge, drink in hand...Zen in a bottle.
When to Wear Festive attire features heavily in events like Christmas parties (many holiday office parties will call for festive attire), upscale New Year’s Eve parties, and non-holiday parties that call for unique or creative outfits. If it’s hard to gauge whether a specific party calls for a festive dress code, check your invitation—parties with a festive attire dress code will generally alert attendees on the invitation.
Festive Attire for Women
Preparing for your office holiday party and not sure what to wear? Here are some options for festive attire for women:
Dresses: Cocktail dresses (dresses that fall just above or just below the knee) are the most common choice for festive attire. A “little black dress” is standard for traditional cocktail party dress codes, but for festive attire, go for something a little more unique—a festive dress with interesting details, like a textured fabric, or jewel-tone colors. Avoid floor-length dresses, which may skew too much toward formal attire like creative black tie dress codes. Certain jumpsuits or pantsuits may work if they are in a luxe fabric and feel creative and interesting, but be careful of looking too casual.
Tops: If you prefer to wear a two-piece outfit, dressy separates are a good option. For the top, selecting a silky blouse in jewel tones or holiday colors is a safe bet.
Bottoms: For festive attire bottoms, look for skirts that fall just above or below the knee. Select a fun fabric like jacquard or tweed to embrace the dress code.
Layers: If it’s cold outside, add a jeweled cardigan, blazer, or statement coat over your dress or top to stay warm. Opaque tights are another layering option to keep warm.
Shoes: The best shoes for festive attire are heels—anything from red pumps to glittery extra-high heels. Since most festive-attire events are in the winter, a pair of decorative, heeled booties are also a great option.
Accessories: Festive attire is all about the accessories. Go for bold statement pieces like fun earrings, bib necklaces, or shiny metallic bracelets. A sparkly clutch purse will make you look extra dressy and festive .What Is Festive Attire?
Festive attire, also known as holiday attire, is a combination of cocktail attire but often with holiday flair. This dress code is particularly popular during winter-time holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
Festive attire is unique among other dress codes in that it heavily emphasizes the use of specific colors, patterns, and textiles to tap into the holiday vibe: Sequins, velvet, cashmere, jewel tones, tartan, corduroy, tweed, reds, greens, golds, and lots of sparkles and glitter all fit the requirements of this fun dress code. Festive attire is not just for the holidays: This dress code can also signify cocktail attire with creative flair. Ho-Ho-Holiday Party Mood Board
If you’re hosting a holiday party this year, creating a mood board is the perfect way to prepare. Think about the color palette, the table settings, and other festive décor you want to have at your party. Select the “Freestyle” option in Pic Collage and begin adding inspirational photos, color swatches, and stickers to help you get the look you want. Once it’s just right, let the decorating begin!
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