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Matka Muslin Saree from Dailybuyys

Posted on August 11 2022

Dailybuyys is passionate for sarees and that passion is what led us to our venture. Our aim is to make the fine homegrown Indian sarees available to masses globally. With this aim Dailybuyys sources drapes and fabrics from all across the country working with authentic weavers and artisans. But when it came to silk weaving we first hand experienced the waste emerged out of silk production. A pile of waste silk was constantly produced after every silk saree. Concerned, we inquired what happens to the waste produced. To our absolute surprise we learnt that one of the most popular saree variant available in the market is produced from these waste. Matka Muslin Sarees.
Matka is a kind of coarse silk produced exclusively in the Indian subcontinent. Matka muslin is one of the diverse variants of silk available in the India. It is mainly produced with pierced cocoons. A pierced cocoon is one from which the moth of the silkworm has emerged and damaged the cocoon as a result damaged the silk making it unfit for use. The silk from these cocoons is spun, not reeled. The fabric made from these yarns is known as "Matka fabric" and the process is called "Matka weaving".

Matka Silk Fabric is a rough handloom Indian silk fabric made from the waste Mulberry Silk (Bombyx Mori) without removing its gum (sericin) part. It is largely obtained from the states of Karnataka and Kashmir but its spinning is done in the Malda and Murshidabad districts in West Bengal. That is where Dailybuyys sources it's Matka silk from. It comes from thick yarn spun from the silkworm Bombyx Mori which results in some irregularities in the texture of the fabric which makes it a little coarse to the hand-feel. Matka silk resembles the tweed fabric in texture.

Silk in itself is a low-waste fibre, to begin with. To top that in the case of Matka silk, it is also cruelty-free as it's made from short broken fibres from hatched cocoons. It is essentially upcycled silk. Matka fabric is thick, very light and airy. Depending on the amount of yarn used to make Matka silk, the material’s thickness can be adjusted and the resultant fabric can be used to make different items. Matka Silk cloth produce richer vibrant hues when dyed. Because Matka silk is easy to work with, a wide variety of embroidery and printing can be done on this fabric.
We at Dailybuyys wanted to popularize this sustainable drape across the globe.  It is preferred by many due to its economical price and fabric strength when compared with other popular silk.

Matka cloth produced by Dailybuyys' weavers are of great repute and in high demand. A local Matka cloth named "Dakra Matka" is of such high quality that it was comparable to reeled silk. The difference is barely noticeable beween spun silk and reeled silk.  Weavers occasionally combine Matka silk with another type of silk called "Khamru" to create a more superior Matka cloth.

Dailybuyys produces the widest range of Matka silk sarees in varied styles. Embroideries, hand paints, block prints, and many other varient detail works are used on the saree. Come, explore and shop from our Matka Muslin Saree Collection.

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