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Posted on January 04 2023

The designer party wear saree, hand picked with love and made with care by the artisans of west Bengali. The Ombre effect of oceanic blue in RR Crush fabric makes the saree worth having. The color varientations and pleats in saree, didn't come is a day. For this we need to know the history of saree development. When it comes to matters of the past, there are questions that no one may really have a surefire answer to. This is one of them .While we don’t know who wore the first saree, we do know that it is over 5000 years old and probably one of the only surviving clothing items in history. This makes the saree an important subject not just for the fashion industry, but also for curiosity-driven historians. Even though the word ‘saree’ comes from Sanskrit and literally means ‘strip of cloth’, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the origin and evolution of saree is rooted in Hinduism. Stepping aside from religious references, did you know that the saree has been influenced by a lot of other ancient cultures too? Ancient Greek women wore pleated and draped chitons over one shoulder, and the loose fabric skimmed their ankles. At this time, the idea of a blouse wasn’t prevalent. Inspiration can also be traced back to ancient Egyptian clothing, where elaborate draping with luxe fabrics wasn’t an uncommon sight. Largely affected by orthodox beliefs, clothing and culture, saree is the final product of years of evolution, even though it may not seem like it to many. But this is hardly where the evolution of saree stopped. In fact, it had just gotten started. Pre-independence India was when the ‘Navi’ drape made its first appearance and is still extremely popular. One end of the saree cloth was wound around and pleated, tucked into the waistline of the petticoat while the other was usually left loose around the shoulder – all the way to the back – or covered the head of the wearer. Observed only by the royals in the 1930s, this style of draping was later adapted by ordinary women too. It is no secret that a lot of pre-independence & post-independence clothing trends took inspiration from the British way of dressing. Saree-pins too, were a result of the brooches that British women wore with their dresses. But the pre-independence saree was modest, as compared to the post-independence saree which was far from it! Yes, clean cuts and muted palettes were all the rage before Bollywood but the fashion choices on-screen quickly made their way to off-screen trends too. Bolder cuts gave the simple blouse an updated makeover, and there was no shying away from color. Moving further away from overall printed and modest styles, fashion in India was now exposed to a bigger platform. This meant that western trends and demands also needed to be met, while still preserving the saree as an icon of Indian style. How did we do it, you ask? Well, Indian women made the saree their own by baring luscious curves in chiffon-clad drapes and dazzling blouses! Whether it was the runway at a beauty pageant, or striking a pose for the paparazzi; Bollywood along with ace Indian designers left no space for another garment to take centre stage! Let’s fast forward to the present-day scenario!
The traditional ways of draping have received a modern makeover owing to the consistent evolution of saree. With the entire world now looking to strike a balance between being camera-ready while feeling super comfortable, we have social media and the penetration of the internet to blame. Pre-draped sarees are more prevalent among younger and older generations alike. Amidst the modernization though, there are fashionistas and saree lovers who are striving to revive and restore this yard-long cloth to its natural and former state. No matter how far we tread from Indian culture, or how many western trends seep into traditional clothing; one thing is for sure – there will always be a special place in every Indian woman’s closet for a saree. Passed as an heirloom across generations, or gifted as a token of appreciation to the women in your life, the saree is not just a garment with a cloth that is long enough to drape you in its embrace – it is also an undying feeling, a gift of time with no expiry date. Much like everything in Indian weddings, the most timeless piece of garment i.e. saree is also getting modern touches. All hail to innovative fashion designers and incredibly talented fashion stylists who are introducing us to new and versatile draping styles of sarees like never before. Bollywood divas to real brides and stylish bridesmaids, experimenting with saree has become the latest fad. And we recently witnessed some of the best saree styles that we couldn’t help sharing with you all. And oh boy, they are so damn perfect to be a head-turner at a wedding! Just check out some of the best saree styles enlisted below, select what aligns with your style, avoid common saree mistakes and strut in style looking like a true diva that you are. Pant style saree. Replace your petticoat with a pant and drape your saree around it. It is modish, looks great and is super comfortable to carry. Take a cue from Sonakshi Sinha who looked like a million bucks in this shimmery Anaika Khanna saree paired with ankle-length golden palazzo pants. Cape Style for an added touch of modernism. To embrace a modernized version of saree, pair it up with a cape. It is one of the most effortless ways to glam up an otherwise basic saree without experiment with the draping style. Belt style to accentuate the waistline. Just like belted lehengas, belted sarees are also raging big time. Apart from being a big fashion trend that accentuates your figure, it is also one of the best hacks to keep the saree intact. Eminent fashion designers and celeb divas approve of it. Style your saree with a butterfly cape. Now that we are talking about experimental fashion, one name that cannot be missed out is Sonam Kapoor. The undisputed fashionista of Bollywood wore this stunning Gaurav Gupta saree with a pleated cape and a bow detail. Front straight pallu style. Janhvi Kapoor turned up at the Deepika and Ranveer's star-studded reception wearing this bright yellow saree draped in a simplistic and chic style. Instead of the usual diagonal pallu, it features a straight front pally that looks so girly and non-fussy. Wear an experimental blouse. Why wear a boring blouse when you have so many trendy blouse designs to experiment with! Pair your saree with a modish blouse to make a strong stylish statement. For instance, check out how stunning Jacqueline Fernandez looks here wearing this contemporary strapless blouse. Drape your saree over the sharara pants Add a punch of drama with a dupatta
Take a matching dupatta and set it as a veil on your head to add an extra dose of drama to your saree look. You definitely need not go as heavy as Deepika Padukone, but you can take a simple dupatta that goes well with your saree. Try new age silhouettes Right from pre-stitched multi-tiered sarees to the ones with ruffle details and asymmetrical hems, sarees have undeniably got a major twist and it is high time that you give them a try. Not just basic pants, you can even take your saree style quotient a notch above by draping it over sharara pants, just like Shilpa Shetty did. Also, don't miss out on noticing that one-shoulder blouse. The front pallu is back! The saree with a long train. The western trains have paved their ways to our ethnic sarees adding a contemporary edge to them. Here's a bride who wore an ice blue saree with a gorgeously embroidered train pallu for her engagement. The front pallu style is back in trend and to add a dash of edginess, team your saree with a high-neck blouse! Chiffon, created out of silk, artificial and polyester, has a soft touch and a consistent sheen with elaborate decorations and unique designs. Chiffon sarees are very comfortable to use and drape generally well to allow you to use it for long times outdoors without any sort of trouble. Chiffon sarees stand also comfortable to say. One can be simply cleaned at rest except it is decorated with large fabrication. Being nicely polished the chiffon saris do not forget the luster and therefore, look glamorous and sophisticated for a longer period. One can even go for buy Designer Ethnic chiffon Sarees online as well. Remember all the movies wherein the Bollywood movie stars donned the chiffon sarees to shake a leg? Of course, there sarees are perfect to up the style statement. One of the best things is that these add up more significance to your whole getup. You get to add that romantic feel to your approach when you style it in a proper manner. So whether you are attending a wedding or a party, you need to make sure that there is that oomph factor that you can get with the chiffon sarees that you wear with style. You can most successfully flaunt your beauty in a gathering wearing a lovely chiffon saree .Chiffon saris are fit for use on any regular event also. These sarees normally come in large variations in terms of embroideries, design, and color. One can select a chiffon saree most confidently for using common events, corporate functions and so on. Chiffon gives wearers look elite, stylish, classy, elegant, and trendy at the very time. Check out the private collection when studying to order chiffon saris online. The Indian Sarees are popular worldwide as they look cool, beautiful and add a rich look. They are draped on the body in many different styles in various parts of India. Saree is often preferred as an occasional wear in India like wedding party, reception function, other special event, and festivals or even in offices. Saree truly reflects the Indian culture & even traditions. Women draped in beautiful sarees give them a gorgeous and beautiful look.
So, let us talk about few important sarees that are popular like silk sarees, cotton sarees, banarasi saree, designer sarees, etc. from different parts of India famous worldwide.
1. Banarasi Silk Sarees: This Made in Banaras, Uttar Pradesh. It looks very rich ad is just best for any wedding parties for any age group. They are also famous across the world and even among Hollywood actresses. They are fully in silk made or partially that has golden border. They are very famous in North India.
2. Sambalpuri i Sarees: This is made from artists and designers of Sambalpuri district, Odisha. This is very artistic and fashionable as well to add gorgeousness to women who prefer wearing it. They are handloom sarees and made from special dye color that stays for entire life of saree. They are also known as Ikkat Sarees.
3. Kanchipuram Sarees: This is also known as Kanjeevaram Sarees that is made in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu from Kanjeevaram silk. This is the most costly sarees available in India for its best quality silk, durability and beautiful work. This adds rich look in party to make you look even more gorgeous. This is Hand-woven.
4. Chanderi Sarees: Chanderi Sarees are made in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh that offers great look and good fabric. Chanderi town is known for handloom industries ad is famous worldwide. This saree is made of cotton and silk threads by hand of weavers that makes it a must in your wardrobe.
5. Dhaka Cotton Sarees: They are made from Dhaka, Bangladesh with awesome prints. This is perfect for party wear or wedding. It is also called Jamdani or Bengal Cotton Sarees.
6. Paithani Sarees: This is made in Paithan, Maharashtra that is also popular abroad. It is made from silk, cotton, golden threads that ha peacock & flowers designs lying on the pallu. This adds a high rich look and is best for wedding sarees and party wear collection.
7. Gota Sarees: This is also called Gota Work Sarees, Gotedar Sarees that is made in Rajasthan. It has fine embroidery work with golden, silver, copper or other color ribbons strips. This looks very unique, gorgeous and even adds a rich look. This is best for any wedding, party, festival or even cultural event. They are also available in Designer lehengas online.
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