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SHOP Authentic Resham Muslin on Dailybuyys

Posted on August 10 2022

Dailybuyys is passionate for sarees and that passion is what led us to our venture. Our aim is to make the fine homegrown Indian sarees available to masses globally. With this aim Dailybuyys sources drapes and fabrics from all across the country working with authentic weavers and artisans.

One such saree that has been on our list of favourites for long is Resham or Silk Muslin Sarees. We have grown up closely interwined with Resham Muslin Sarees as it is exclusive to the silk produce of Bengal. Muslin sarees are woven from the finest variety of silk that grows in Bengal.
The fabric of the pure muslin silk saree is almost transparent. It is silky and super-light. Resham Muslin Sarees are perfect for all-day wear being super light and breathable. It has a shine to it that makes it elegant yet gorgeous. It is the texture of silk muslin that has made this fabric famous all over the world. Generally, these sarees are originated in Dhaka. Later under the patronage of the Mughals it became popular. Resham Muslin weavers had a large settlement in India as well and after the partition of Bengal, Bengal became the sole producers of authentic Resham Muslin Sarees with generational weavers working their magic.

The earliest known reference to silk muslin saree was made by Chanakya in his book Arthashastra in the 4th century B.C. Over the years, travelers from Rome, Greece, Egypt and England have talked about the muslin sarees in their memoirs. When India was under the Mughal rule, the muslin fabric from Dhaka received a great recognition as a sign of royalty and nobility. The fabric was then well-known for its quality and were used to make fashionable dresses and gowns. However, when the British monopolized the textile trade in Bengal in the 18th century, the weavers faced a lot of problem. They were forcibly paid less price for their muslin saris which gradually led to a decline in the textile manufacturing industry in Bengal. After a long period of decline, several muslin weaving by handloom industries for making muslin silk shari is being revived in Bengal and Bangladesh by governments, NGOs and research groups.

At Dailybuyys our Resham Sarees are adorned with embroideries and woven designs in zari adding beauty to the saares.

The muslin silk sarees are the ones predominant in the market today. This is because muslin sarees are extremely light, sensuous to touch and looks exotic when worn properly. Traditional floral weaving is used to weave these sarees. The fineness of the sarees and the intricate woven patterns determine the final price of the sarees. You can order muslin silk sari online. Therefore, having a muslin saree in your wardrobe is a must. You can buy muslin saree online or take a look at the muslin in the stores

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