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Posted on November 24 2022


Holidays are round the corner. And as the world prepares to take a break from their usual hectic lifestyle to go on trips, attend weddings and connect with their long lost friends, we want to do it style. While fashionable winter jackets, sweatshirts, and cardigans upgrade the western wardrobe, traditional Indian clothing like the saree becomes more challenging to style. IF you struggle with the same this blog is about to make your life a tad bit easier. Here are a list of things you can keep in mind while styling your Sarees this winter while amping up your style game.
Fabric Choice

One of the most important things to keep in mind is your choice of fabric. Light fabrics like Cotton , Chiffon are not ideal for this season. Instead opt for fabrics like Silk, Velvet, Banarasi.
When we think about velvet, words like smooth, plush, and velvety spring to mind. Imagine this gentle touch now while wearing a velvet saree. Velvet provides for a wonderful material for sarees that are appropriate for the winter because it is a soft and warm cloth. The velvet sarees have a warm, lustrous appearance that gives them a regal, elegant appearance.
We are aware of how simple silk sarees are to wear and how they provide you with a lot of warmth during the winter. They will provide you with warmth, even on harsh wintry nights. While others may be dressed more casually than elegantly, in warm clothing. The silk sarees will make you stand out and prevent you from being forced to wear overly warm garments with a formal drape. The timeless fashion statement is silk

Blazers to make your look more EDGY

Who said Blazers are only for our Western outfits. Blazers are a versatile piece of clothing and you can easily style it with your Sarees to keep you warm and also make your look more edgy.

Bring out the turtle necks and fitted sweaters

To create a cosy and stylish blouse, pull out all the turtlenecks and fitting sweaters from your wardrobe. They appear chic and useful for any situation. You can easily transform into a winter-appropriate, formal attire by choosing a basic turtleneck with a printed or tone-on-tone saree. You may always accessorise with silver or oxidised jewellery to improve your style.

Shawls, capes to the rescue

Put on a chic pashmina shawl or a silk dupatta and wear it with your saree as a second pallu. To improve your appearance, you can also wear a cape. In the winter, shawls and silk dupattas are timeless options to dress up your saree.

Simple is Boring

WHO WANTS TO LOOK SIMPLE WHEN YOU CAN LOOK STUNNING. Add that extra bit of fur and make heads turn at your next gathering.




Liked the styles. WE think so. But that being said everyone has their own sense of style. Have a recommendation that you follow to style your sarees in winters that we didn't mention? We would love to hear from you. Connect with us at info@dailybuyys.com

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