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Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Silk Sarees

Posted on March 04 2023

Indian women love to wear silk sarees, and they are their most preferred sarees. But, you also need to take care of them and properly maintain them to make them shine bright, last a long time, and make your personality glamorous.

You should take out some time, and every six months you should soak your clothes in the sun to avoid any fungal attack or a bad odour that your favourite silk saree might have caught. Soaking in the sun would keep its shine and colour intact. Also, do not forget to change the fold of the saree, which prevents zari breakage and unwanted creasing.

How to Clean Silk Sarees:

When we buy silk sarees, we often ask ourselves, "How would we clean the saree?" And you cannot wash it frequently as it will damage the fabric. Tussar silk sarees can be dry-cleaned, but other silk sarees cannot be cleaned with chemicals. One solution is that you can soak your silk sarees in salt water; it will keep their colour intact. But we cannot do that with all the silk sarees. Silk sarees with zari embroidery should not be washed by hand; they can be dry cleaned.

How to Store Silk Sarees:

You should always store your silk sarees in a clean, dry, and cool place with no moisture or humidity, folded and covered in a bag or a soft cotton cloth. Also, if your silk sarees are heavy and embellished store them in a bug saree bag, butter paper, or soft cotton cloth to preserve them, this is really important for silk sarees.  

Always remember, you should not keep your silk sarees in plastic bags for too long. If kept for a long time, it can lead to fabric or zari discoloration. Never keep naphthalene balls in direct contact with sarees; it prevents fungal growth on the sarees. It is true that maintaining silk sarees is not easy, but you can always learn to keep your sarees safe and long-lasting.

Some tips to take care of your silk sarees:

  1. You should try to get your sarees dry-cleaned for stains.
  2. Store your heavy work sarees in a separate bag to keep the fabric fresh.
  3. To protect your silk sarees, wash them with a mild detergent and avoid using any chemical bleaches.
  4. Wear your silk sarees often; do not let them sit in your closet for a long time.
  5. Never place naphthalene balls or rodent repellants in the fold of the sarees as it can cause holes and stains in the sarees.

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