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Posted on December 12 2022

Fashion everywhere is becoming very experimental. Modern women keep pushing the boundaries of what outfits are considered “publicly wearable”. From using lingerie-inspired pieces in street style, to pop-culture inspired prints at the runway, to sheer gowns that leave nothing to the imagination at red carpets. And sometimes, these experiments lead to style and elegant. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and fashion choices. But if you prefer elegant style to dress like a lady, or just want to upgrade your style to something more graceful, consider this as a guide on how to dress like royalty. We could even use this for just a particular occasion, perhaps meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time, or our engagement party, or a costume party, or maybe a formal occasion where we want to look really sophisticated. In every Indian woman's heart, the sari occupies a special place. Saree is the traditional wear of Indian women. Silk saris have occupied an important place in the fashion market and today women of different nations, caste and creed have shown their preference in this elegant piece of clothing. India has put forward the world finest collection of silk saris, which are available in a wide assortment of prints and colors, suitable for weddings and any special occasions.

Silk as a fabric is of varied types. Indian is a well known exporter of this fabric. Different regions of India are famous for their silk. Especially South India, where there is the maximum growth of this fabric and a considerable section of population is involved into silk clothing business. Indian Kanchipuram silk sari is world famous. Be it the rearing of silk worms or the weaving of sarees, India has shown its efficiency in producing a wide range of most elegant, beautiful, durable saris. The best quality of the silk, the vibrant and luscious hues, the creative design of the pallus and borders make the Indian silk sarees stand out from the rest. The different varieties of saris are Kanjeevaram or kanchipuram, patola, pat, muga, jamdani, banarasi, samu, butter silk, ikat, paper silk, Mysore, khadi silk etc. The beauty of these sarees is further accentuated with zari works, beads, mirrors, zardozi borders, hand embroidery. Each piece of saree is an artistic creation, where the Indian weavers weave magical dreams with intricate artworks from a few strands of silk.

Silk fabric carries an inherent sheen, which make the sarees look a class apart. Though the wedding, party and festival sarees are more of heavy, glittering works, there are plain, simple silk sarees in different colors. These sarees usually have a single border and they are more alluring with fine craftsmanship done on them. Indian Silk Sarees are famous all over the world for their grandeur and the royal look that they exude. They are popular world wide and for every Indian woman, owning a silk saree is a pride. The more the collection, the better it is. For many, the traditional silk sarees are handed over from one generation to another. Indian Silk Sarees in their warm and enriching shades of colors and prints make an Indian woman look her traditional best for any occasion .Sarees are special and the most beautiful ethnic wear of Indian women. Sarees are one of those clothes that can enhance the beauty of any girl or woman instantly. Sarees are also the most adored Indian wear across the world, thus making them must-have wardrobe-essentials.

Although Sarees are a traditional form of clothing, you can still look stylish, classy, and modern. It is because Sarees are versatile and can be styled in numerous traditional styles as well as indo western styles. Be it Maharashtrian style or Bengali style or fusion style of draping a saree, it will simply make you look stunning. Also, the huge variety of sarees, make it easy to pick the ones that interest you. Whether it is a bridal saree or not, you should definitely pick some traditional sarees. From traditional sarees such as Banarasi sarees, Rajasthani sarees, chanderi sarees to the modern organza sarees, every saree is worth it. Depending upon the occasion these sarees can be styled in different styles and look perfect for all occasions especially, pure silk saree. We, at Dailybuyys, offer the best quality trendy designer women’s clothing, from kurtas, suits to sarees, everything is available at the best prices. If you are looking for some gorgeous sarees to style on special occasions, you should definitely check out our collection of different types of pure and cotton silk saree that suit you the best.
Here are different types of silk saree that are designed in different states of India;
Silk sarees are always a symbol of grandiose, richness, and tradition. A silk saree is one such traditional wear that you can find in every girl or woman's wardrobe. Silk sarees are perfect for girls or women of every age, be it a grandma or a college-going girl. Be it a simple birthday party or a grand wedding eve, you can always rock the party with a silk saree. Symbolizing the culture of our country the nine yards grace of silk saree will easily beat any other look. Also, the sheer varieties available in the category of silk sarees woven in different parts of the country have their uniqueness and can make you look absolutely gorgeous. Woven in the city of Tamil Nadu, Kanjeepuram Tamil Nadu, these sarees are known for their grandeur. The sarees are considered to be perfect for auspicious functions such as festivals, engagements, and weddings. These are commonly styled by the brides in almost every city of South India. The Kanjeevaram sarees come in vibrant gorgeous colors with broad borders that are either of golden or silver color. The saree will have traditional motifs and look extremely rich and elegant. These sarees are woven using three shuttles and most of the time, the pallus are in contrast colors. Today a wide variety of Kanjeevaram sarees are available in India and around the world.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog post “Touching with Royalty” on DailyBuyys. The eloquent storytelling and vivid descriptions truly captured the essence of the showcased products, emphasizing the regal and timeless qualities. The attention to detail and the passion for craftsmanship shine through, making it a delightful and informative read.

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