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Handprint and Blockprint: How Dailybuyys Makes Tussar Ghicha Silk

Posted on April 28 2023

Have you ever struggled to find unique, quality apparel or other products? It can be a hassle to search high and low for something eye-catching and of good quality. Fortunately, Dailybuyys is here to help.

Dailybuyys is an online store with a myriad of products that all offer something special in terms of quality, selection, and sustainability. From fine art pieces created with high skill to womenswear made from Tussar Gicha silk sourced from Bhagalpur in Bihar, Dailybuyys has been going above and beyond to provide something that’s not just beautiful, but also high-quality.

Today, let’s dive into what makes Dailybuyys so special and uncover the secrets behind their quality and selection..

The Story Behind Tussar Ghicha Silk

Tussar Ghicha Silk is a kind of wild silk produced by caterpillars in the rain forests of India. It's prized for its superior quality and beautiful texture. It takes a long process to complete the transformation from raw material to finished product, and Dailybuyys is here to make that process easier and more accessible.

Here's how it works: The wild silk moth caterpillars are harvested from the forests, then taken to Bhagalpur in Bihar where they're processed into thread. From there, it goes to the weaving centers which use handlooms to craft traditional fabrics. After this, the fabric is passed on to highly skilled artisans of Dailybuyys who employ blockprinting and handprinting techniques to create beautiful pieces of art.

Beyond just sourcing great fabric, Dailybuyys also takes pride in offering quality assurance as well as great customer service. From start to finish, every step of the process is carefully monitored so that customers can be sure they're getting high-quality products every time they shop with us. That's why when you shop with us, you can trust that what you're buying is a luxurious piece crafted with care and attention - all for an unbeatable price!

The Journey From Raw Material to Final Product

At Dailybuyys, an immense amount of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure that customers get access to the best quality products. From finding the right raw materials to converting them into stunning garment pieces, it all begins with the selection of Tussar ghicha silk.

This wild silk is handpicked from rain forests in Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra before being spun into yarn in Bhagalpur. The yarn is then brought to Dailybuyys' facilities where it is dyed in vibrant colors before being transformed into gorgeous garments.

This intricate process of transforming raw material into a finished product requires high-skilled artisans who have been trained in blockprint and handprint techniques over many years. Dailybuyys takes great pride in its workmanship as every garment undergoes rigorous checks throughout this detailed process to ensure high quality and consistency.

The Artwork Behind Handprint and Blockprint Techniques

Dailybuyys has become a premier destination for women’s fashion that reflects the modern woman’s lifestyle. Much of this has to do with the artistry behind their fabrics and apparel. Two of their key techniques are blockprint and handprint.

Both of these techniques involve creating intricate design patterns on fabrics, but each employs its own unique method to achieve the desired results. Blockprint uses a wooden block that has been carved into a specific design, applying dyes or pigments onto the cloth with it. Handprinting is more time-consuming, as it involves the use of paint brushes and handheld sponges to apply dye manually.

The Dailybuyys team is backed by highly skilled artists who have mastered both blockprint and handprint techniques for creating beautiful fabrics — perfect for any occasion. From Tussar Ghicha raw material to its final product, Dailybuyys takes every effort to ensure every product is of excellent quality so that customers get what they pay for.

Innovations in Design for a Unique Style

Dailybuyys specializes in fine art, with highly skilled artists who are expert in blockprint and handprint. This allows them to create unique and interesting designs which are not only esthetically pleasing but also stand apart from the crowd. The materials used in their design process include Tussar Ghicha raw material, which is an unusually strong type of silk fabric that is bought from Bhagalpur in Bihar.

The combination of traditional methods with the modern technological advancements used by Dailybuyys makes for a truly unique experience. The team works hard to ensure that each and every product has a distinct look that stands out from the rest and will appeal to customers looking for something special. Additionally, they make sure to source the best raw materials they can find and use only the finest craftsmanship when creating their products, so customers can be sure they are getting top-notch items every time they shop at Dailybuyys.

Empowering Artists and Supporting Craftsmanship

At Dailybuyys, we understand the importance and value of the craftsmanship that goes into hand-made products. We are committed to empowering the local artisans by adding value to their craft and supporting them. Each of our items is created with passion and care and made with the highest quality materials like Tussar Ghicha silk, a wild silk moth found in the rain forests of India.

Our highly skilled artists have mastered blockprinting and handprinting techniques to create true works of art. With unmatched attention to detail, their handiwork is second-to-none, providing unparalleled beauty and durability in our products.

From sourcing the finest Tussar Ghicha raw materials in Bhagalpur, Bihar to making sure they reach you safely, our team plays a significant role in creating beautiful pieces that you will cherish for years. We believe in creating sustainable designs that are timelessly beautiful as well as affordable, which is why we strive every day to bring you products that live up to your expectations without compromising on quality or selection.

Role of Dailybuyys team for delivering tussar ghicha silk to their customers

The Dailybuyys team works hard to ensure that Tussar Ghicha raw material is transformed into a high-quality product. This is done by sourcing the material from the rainforests of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra and then having skilled artists specializing in blockprinting and handprinting transform it into the final product.

The Dailybuyys team has put in place a rigorous process to make sure that customers only receive the highest quality product crafted with utmost care and attention. This includes:

  1. Sourcing: Finding the right source of raw materials to ensure that quality is not compromised
  2. Quality Control: Multiple stages of testing to ensure that the material meets all necessary standards
  3. Packaging: Ensuring that all products are securely packed before dispatch
  4. Delivery: Prompt delivery of products with after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction

By implementing these steps in their production process, Dailybuyys gives their customers access to luxurious silk fabric at an affordable price while maintaining their standards of excellence when it comes to quality control and customer service.


In conclusion, Dailybuyys is a top online store for women, who are looking for quality and selection. The team works endlessly to ensure that customers receive the best products possible, from Tussar Ghicha raw materials to the finished products. With skilled artisans and block printing specialists, the products are always up to the highest standards. Shopping at Dailybuyys brings you one step closer to the best fashion and art selection for all occasions. So, don't wait any longer -- check out what Dailybuyys has to offer today!

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