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Black printed Chiffon maxi western wear dress by Dailybuyys

Posted on August 12 2022

Just like the country itself, we, at Dailybuyys, are equally excited out of our wits for this years Festive Season Celebrations. As of immense importance it is to us, the fact that the festivals will commence with their full grandeur after a full two years of fear and gloom and blues because of the lethal pandemic, is what makes it even more special. The pandemic did take a toll on us at both personal and business level but what inspired us to keep moving were the hope we saw amaong every face around us all over the country. Hope and optimism helped us pull through these tough times.
Deeply moved by the survival stories of pandemic, Dailybuyys brought forth the latest collection of western wear and indo-western designs.
As we were indulging in our research period before the design phase started we came to know about the Chinese tassels. It is something we have always seen since our childhood but has been of nothing more to us than a decor and ornamentation piece. This time Dailybuyys wanted to dive deeper. We researched and began reading about them.
The most factual evidence of Chinese knotting was recorded on bronze vessels from the Warring States Period, circa 403-221 BC, and also from archaeology and literature evidence from the same period. Chinese knots are mainly made with red cord, although they can vary in color. As we know, red is very important and the most popular color in China, symbolizing fortune and wealth. In modern China, the knots are mainly used as house decorations (especially during festive occasions), used as decorations and buttons in traditional Chinese fashion, and are given as presents on special occasions. It is believed to be auspicious and help ward off evil and restore hope and luck.
We could not think of a better inspiration than Chinese tassels to design something for the festive season. We worked on the design and turned it into a digital art later into a digital print.
The next stop was to decide on the fabric and the silhouette. Since our aim was to appeal to a larger mass we opted for western wear silhouette.  We designed a maxi dress to flatter every body type. The chest has a ruched sewn effect to replicated vaguely the knots of the tassels. Straps were added as sleeves for utmost comfort and to give that perfect summer looks and vibe. We opted for a black base to set our print to make it more suitable for as the perfect evening and party dress. the gathered ruffles at the base adds extra volume and omph to the design.
We chose georgette as our fabric of choice for two major reasons. One, that it is fluid and super easy on the skin for movement and to wear all day long and number two because georgette allowed us to play with the silhouette and drapes and fall of the fabric.
We are very proud of our Black printed Chiffon maxi western wear dress and would urge you to come check it out at our website. Also come explore and shop the entire collection of latest launches on the website.
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