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Mulmul Cotton Saree : Woven Wind

Posted on August 02 2022

Summers are scorching heat and endless sighs for comfort. Amidst this exhausting and never ending trail of tropical summer heat, mulmul cotton sarees are absolute saviors.
One of the finest weave of cotton produced on our very motherland, Mulmul cotton, is the go-to fabric in all genres of fashion. The new generation is deeply invested into mulmul for its comfort and chic look.
Mulmul cotton saw it's origin in Dhakeshwari or Dhaka, Bangladesh. During the British reign, in the 17th century, Europe was the largest importer of mulmul cotton from India. At that time it was known as "Daka" cotton.  
Mulmul is a soft and fine weave of cotton which is also known as muslin. It has been almost around 100 years since Bengali weavers first weaved it. This incredibly fine Mulmul cotton fabric cloth using a method called the discontinuous weft technique which requires the weaver to work two layers of weft – one as fine as spider’s silk to hold the cloth together and the other forming the pattern. Each pattern of motif was worked individually, using fine bamboo sticks to interlace the pattern threads with the warp threads.

Mulmul cotton fabric is considered to be so lightweight and delicate that it is sometimes referred to as wonder gossamer or the woven wind. Owing to this quality, the demand and trade for Mulmul cotton fabric flourished under the Mughal rule, however, it experienced an aggressive repressment under the Colonial rule. The production of this fine weave suffered greatly for about two centuries during this time. The Britishers aggressively tried to repress it. Since the industrial manufactured and the imported fabric could not compete for the supreme hand-woven counterpart in India, the Britishers decided to wind up the production and knowledge by cutting off the thumbs of the craftsmen.

The production of Mulmul almost suffered for about two centuries. After seeing a steep repression in the art of weaving of this fabric, the Mulmul cotton fabric has over the years seen a great recognition and demand. The super-soft and breathable Mulmul cotton fabric is great for sultry summer, as it has the properties to readily absorb moisture and keep the wearer cool and comfortable in the summers. Other benefits of Mulmul cotton fabric is that it can be dyed easily. Every wash results in making the fabric even softer. These qualities of Mulmul cotton fabric makes it the first choice of every fashion lover. It is also not so expensive as it used to be. The fabric is super soft, lightweight and very breathable. It is great for summers, especially in the harsh summers of India as it quickly absorbs moisture and keeps the person at ease. It gets softer with every wash. It is easy to wash and easy to wear. The fabric can be dyed easily and when stitched into garments, it turns out to be a very easy-breezy and elegant outfit.

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