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The Quintessential Kutchi work Sarees

Posted on July 01 2022

India is a treasure hub of ethnic artwork and craftwork. Amidst all the crowd Katchi embroidery has never once lost its luster. The introduction of Kutchi embroidery to Indian art and craft forms has a history that linked western world, islam and native Indians in a single thread. Kutchi or Gujrati embroidery found it’s acchouchment in the 16th-17th century with the migration of people from Greece, Germany, Iran and Iraq. They brought with them the distinct art style. Later with the infiltration of Muslims, their art styles also layered with the Gujarti style created the modern Kutchi embroidery we all love. Through the years, the native Gujratis have added their own essence and vibrancy to the embroidery form and kutchi has evolved to be of immense demand in the recent times.

With the escalation in demand for Indian art and craft and fabrics all over the world in the modern times, Katchi stitch has found a distinct liking among the masses. Incorporated in products ranging from dresses, tops, pants, sarees to even accessories like earrings, neckpieces, wristbands, belts and bags. Home décor has also found utility of the artwork.

Dailybuyys has stuck with the original embroidery work sewn in threads and mirrors. At Dailybuyys we have fused kutchi stitch on fine tussar silk produced at our very factory. The homegrown kutchi work saree, are produced in vibrant and original thread colors. Woven meticulously and carefully layed on the fabric, Dailybuyys brings to you the quintessential Kutchi embroidered tussar silk saree. Drape yourself in the vibrant yet elegant collection. Working in conjunction with skilled artisans and producing authentic work, we at Dailybuyys assure customer satisfaction. Invest into a saree sewn and woven in heritage. Shop our wide varity of Gujrati embroidered saree from our site or contact us directly through Watsapp.

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