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Murshidabad Silk Sarees

Posted on July 16 2022

The story of Murshidabad silk weaving originated in the 18th century when the then Nawab of Bengal, Nawab Murshidkuli Khan, shifted his capital from Dhaka to this place beside Bhagirathi river and named it Murshidabad after his own name. He brought with him the art of Baluchari weaving, which depicted various scenes about the Nawab and his reign. Later due to a flood the trade route was destroyed and the weaving was shifted to Bishnupur.

Murshidabad silk is made from fine mulberry silk. A silk saree takes 5-7 days of weaving to be made into a six yard drape.

Today, Murshidabad continues to home to some of the finest and most sought after silk weaving clusters in the state. The silk sarees from Murshidabad are very fine, light-weight and easy to drape. They are adorned with a variety of printed designs. At Dailybuyys we work directly with Murshidabad weavers and adorn them with our exclusive hand painting and block printing designs, producing both modern and traditional looks. 

The Murshidabad Silk is touted to be leading the global silk market because of its rich history. More than the  history but most important part is the fact that Murshidabad silk is soft and super comfortable to drape. One can live in a Murshidabad silk saree all day and still feel super comfortable. The elegance of Murshidabad silk sarees are unparalleled and the demand is well justified.

Dailybuyys  sources authentic Murshidabad silk, and then ornament them with hand block prints and hand paintings of fabric. The designs produced are exclusively  made and carefully quality checked to assure customer satisfaction.

Explore our collection and shop to your heart’s content.



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