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Hand Painted Pure Silk Sarees

Posted on July 13 2022

We all love wearing sarees. Don’t we? On top of that, we cannot get over it if it is a hand-painted saree! Sarees are favorite amongst every woman, irrespective of height, age, and body type. It goes with any kind of occasion and performance. One does not need to decide what to wear when there is a collection of hand painted sarees.   
             Beige Hand Painted Plain Pure Tussar Silk Sarees
The wardrobe of each Indian woman must have a minimum of one saree that is kept for special events, for which hand painted pure Silk sarees are the best options. These are famous for their lightweight, and their soft and smooth texture of silk materials which has made it one amongst the perfect wear. Some stylish sarees and different draping styles have added a contemporary look to them.
They are well recognized for their ultra-sophisticated look and sheer glint. These hand-painted sarees are hand  painted and handled by numerous number of  artisans. The elegance and rich legacy is taken care of from scratch.                  
               Grey Orange Hand Painted Kalamkari Design Pure Plain Pure Tussar Silk Sarees
These hand-painted sarees are available in attractive and vibrant colors with sharp detailing of the art painted upon them. And a Hand painted Silk saree is legendary among all the ladies from everywhere on the planet. Once draped right, it gives an aesthetic look with a contemporary touch. The artwork painted comes with a blend of modern, traditional, and contemporary designs.
The traditional Hand painted Silk sarees are recognized for pure silk and vibrant non-fading colors. The craftsmen use the most superficial quality of cloth paints that give the art forms painted on these sarees a chic touch and defined appearance of each minute detail. The artforms depicted on the sarees are within the sort of short stories.  
            Purple Multi Colour Pure Tussar Silk Kalamkari Sarees
The artists don’t just paint a specific pattern into the hand-painted sarees, but sometimes they paint the entire story depicting the emotion behind the art. We as responsible citizens can purchase, wear and promote the strenuous efforts they absorb painting these sarees. It’ll encourage them and keep the heritage of hand-painted Sarees alive. Silk  is the right and best destination if you’re trying to find hand-painted sarees.
Dailybuyys takes great pride in it's achievement of dreams of working with the country's artisans. Dailybuyys works with the finest and most skilled craftmans and artisans, sourcing them from all corners of the world.
This exclusive handpainted saree is a perfect blend of skill and modernism. The artwork spread all over the fabric is a perfect pick for all ages. Drape it however you please to. Style it in a quirky manner or dress up in the most traditional way. You'll love our softest silk enchanting to own.
Explore our entire collection of handpainted soft silk sarees and shop to your heart's content. 
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