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Hand Block Prints on Tussar and Silk Saree

Posted on July 22 2022

Block Printing is a traditional art form of printing on fabric, paper, and other materials originated in India many years ago using vegetable dyes and natural colors. Block Printing in India in other forms is widely known as “Woodblock Printing”, “Woodcut Printing” or “Hand block Printing”. The block printing art is done by following a beautiful process where the required designs are carved on the blocks and natural dyes are used for printing on fabrics.
The traditional art of Block Printing is being practiced in Rajasthan, India for more than 500 years. Block Printing was started in the 12th century and the rich art form of printing on fabrics was being enjoyed by the Kings and Queens which made Block Printing art recognizable as royal patronage from that time. Block printing on fabrics was introduced by the old Chippa Community located in the Bagru district of Rajasthan.
The block printing art on fabric has been passed down to generations introducing various printing forms like Bagru printing, Sanganeri printing, Kalamkari block printing, Ajrakh printing, and Dabu printing.  Sanganer and Bagru in Rajasthan are the major hubs of Block printing in India while block printing in Jaipur has a huge unorganized textile market selling almost anything and everything.
Block printing is a simple and manual process, yet time-consuming. The wooden blocks are carved according to the design required and dipped into the natural or vegetable dyes and colors and then pressed on the cloth for the printing on fabric. While the block printing process needs the practice to master.

Dailybuyys, a well-established e-store, brings to you the best collection of high quality and latest sarees that are specifically hand-crafted by using impressive designs using block printing. The blocks are made and cut at our production house and hence we house exclusive designs as well.
We mesh hand block print on Pure tussar silk saree and pure silk sarees produced at our own production house.
We have a broad range of sarees in different color combinations are designed specifically to enhance your look. The saree drapes beautifully around you to enhance your beauty and silhouette.

In order to fulfill your desire to choose something unique, we offer you attractive discounts on Dailybuyys Tussar Silk sarees if you are our first time customer.

Come and explore our website Dailybuyys.com and view our wide range of collection of Tussar Silk Sarees and Pure silk sarees and shop the best to make your presence appealing.
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