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Hakoba Sarees : Old but Gold

Posted on July 09 2022


Hakoba evokes in all the idea of royalty and grandure. As long as one can remember, Hakoba has been a staple go to fabric for the royals and the elites and over time it has become a widely popular high fashion fabric in the modern fashion industry. At Dailybuyys we were extremely intrigued by the creativity invested in embroidering the fabrics and laces together. Hakoba has found its utility in all forms of garment styles regardless of men or woman. We at Dailybuyys have brought to you a wide range of handloom Hakoba sarees. The intricate embroidery, dainty craftsmanship and impeccable detailing is what makes Hakoba fabric so unique yet has successfully transcended the test of time. With its ever increasing popularity, we wanted to bring our customers the latest and exclusively designed handloom hakoba sarees. At Dailybuyys the hakoba sarees are paired with hand block prints and lace detailing to aid to the beauty of the drapes. A privilege once reserved for kings and queens, it is made available for the masses now. We urge you to come explore our hakoba saree collection and add to your closet a one of a kind unique piece.
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