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Designer Pure Silk Sarees at Dailybuyys

Posted on July 07 2022

Dailybuyys’ vision has always been to uphold and spread the gorgeous and glorious Indian sarees not only across the country but even by transcending borders.  We at Dailybuyys harbored in us the idea that the rich weaves born from a trail of generational weavers and artisans, should receive the absolute worth that they deserve. Along with the government and various designers working to sustain this indigenous craftsmanship, Dailybuyys also decided to join the mission.

We at Dailybuyys house different handmade drapes but the one fabric that fascinated and initiated the idea to start our small business, is Silk. Our love for silk has been the pivotal point in our venture.

At Dailybuyys, we offer a wide range of silk drapes. If there is a variety there is high probability that you’ll find it on Dailybuyys. We would like to take some time to talk about this wonder fabric, Pure Silk on our platform.

Earliest record of silk dates back to China when these protein fibers were reserved for the royals and the elites.  Though India has had its earliest mention of silk going back to the Indus Valley Civilization, yet it is better accepted that silk came into India through the silk route during business between India and China. Even then the silk industry in India is massive. Almost every region has an exclusive silk weave of their own. Even though most common source of silk is from mulberry silk worms, yet there are quite a huge variety of non-mulberry silk like Eri Silk, Anaphe Silk, Mussel Silk, Spider Silk, Coan Silk and Fagara Silk. Tussar is one of the most popular non-mulberry silk.

The Indian ancient centers of silk weaving, a process that was vastly influenced from techniques used in Persia, Turkey and Afghanistan, included regions of Gujarat, Malwa, Southern India and North Indian cities of Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, Lahore (erstwhile India – now Pakistan), Azamgarh and Murshidabad. Kanjivaram, Banarasi, Paithani, Bishnupuri, Bomkai, Assam silk, Baluchuri, Upada silk are some of the most popular among the masses.

Choosing from an array of variety of silk, Dailybuyys paired silk with art at our very own factory. We work with artisans and weavers from all over the country to bring to you the most authentic silk. Our pure silk sarees are adorned with hand block prints, screen prints, digital print, embroidery, hand painting and beads-sequins work. Available in solid in both bright and pastel hues, glamourous and festive zari work, traditional and comtemporary draping styles, Dailybuyys produces designer pure silk sarees suitable for casuals to festive, to bridals.  Creating the most exclusive designs at our very factory, we at Dailybuyys produce meticulously sourced and carefully crafted pure silk sarees.

Dailybuyys also dived into the contemporary silk usage by adding georgette and crepe which are also produced from silk yarns.

Come visit us and explore to shop our wide range of authentic pure silk sarees with unique and exclusive designs of our own without a worry as we are certified by the Silk Mark Organisation of India.

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