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CHANDERI SAREE: Where Tradition and Modernism co-exist

Posted on July 06 2022

Chanderi fabric has a long trail of history interlacing its existence. The earliest record of its weaving goes back to the 7th century when it was handspun in cotton to make turbans for Maratha rulers. Another story tracebacks the origin story to Lord Krishna's cousin, Shishupal, in the Vedic period, who was believed to have founded the luxe-looking fabric. 

Whatever might have been the truth, Chanderi fabrics have been a favourite among the royals for ages due to their lightweight yet lustrous appearance. In the 19th century, hand spun cotton was switched with mill cotton due to easy availability. In the 1910, chanderi fabrics received gold embellishment when the Scindia royal family took it under their patronage. Later this led to the introduction of Japanese silk which had high margins and that is how Chanderi silk was discovered.

The zari borders, the glossy textures and over all the cultural torch of generational weavers, Chanderi has tweaked the interest of Dailybuyys since the very beginning of the idea of producing sarees. Chanderi has always been the flag bearers when it comes to making enticing sarees. At Dailybuyys, our collection of Chanderi Sarees is a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary. From a nude palette to bright hues, from graceful yet bold solids to enchanting prints, we house them all. Dailybuyys also offers embroidery, block prints and even hand painted authentic Chanderi sarees homegrown under careful supervision at our own factory. We invite you to come and explore our wide range of Chanderi cotton and Chanderi silk sarees. 


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