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Afghan Jewellery Range

Posted on July 05 2022

Over 3000 years old, shroud in enchanting detail work, hailing from the crossroads of central and south Asia, Afghan jewellery has had a constant place in the jewellery industry with a very dedicated clan of it's own. It doesn't suit the taste buds of all but is it definitely appreciated universally. Afghan jewelries are not just beautiful but the making of those beauties are equally interesting. Afghanistan had almost no source of local silver and gold and hence mainly used alloys as their bases made by melting coins. They are then adorned with semi precious stones. The pieces are crafted from glass, enamel, stone beads and even plastic. Such mesmerizing and intricate are the designs that no made what the origin is, their decorative and craftsmanship values are uncharted. Afghan jewellery features hand painted motifs, enamel work, cut work and other exquisite tribal elements strung onto vibrant cotton threads.

Join the clan and celebrate your inner nomadic freedom in a world of restraint. Shop from our range of Afghan jewellery featuring earrings, statement neck pieces, and bangles. Stand out amidst the crowd and make a statement of your own with our statement Afghan pieces.

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