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  • Maroon Garad Silk Sarees

Maroon Garad Silk Sarees

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Garad (also known as Garod) silk is one of the popular styles of saree that has its origin in West Bengal. Also known as Gorod, the word Garad means ‘White’. Garad silk sarees are distinguished by its red border and small paisley motifs. Silk fabric used to weave Garad sarees is not dyed which keeps the purity factor of the fabric intact and therefore these sarees have a sacred importance to the women in Bengal. The Murshidabad district of West Bengal specializes in weaving these Sarees wherein the silk yarns are woven close together which imparts the fine texture to the sarees.Tracing back the history, one would fine that the kings and zamindars in ancient times used to drape themselves in this saree to perform religious ceremonies and rituals.

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