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  • Pink Pure Silk Mark Certified Tussar Ghicha Silk Sarees

Pink Pure Silk Mark Certified Tussar Ghicha Silk Sarees

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Product Details

The Tussar silk is often produced by the caterpillar of a wild silk moth that is found in rain forests of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Unlike mulberry silkworms, these caterpillars are difficult to cultivate in captivity, so the cocoons are sometimes gathered from the wilds.

However, it is not commercially viable to collect Tussar silk cocoons from jungles. Jungle Ghicha silk and Kosa silk (mainly produced in Chattisgarh from a worm similar to silkworm) are sales gimmicks. Ghicha or Khewa are the names given to yarns that are not dyed when Tussar silk is reeled.

Dailybuyys Ghicha silk actually is the by-product of Tussar silk. The yarns of Ghicha silk are obtained from the cocoons of Tussar Silk. As per that conventional sayings, Ghicha threads are the undyed leftovers of pure Tussar silk threads which are processed for dying. Hence, the Ghicha silk threads are natural and it offers the natural texture and an exceptional sensational weaving.

A saree that mingles style and comfort, a saree that enriches tradition and trend, is all time favorite of mine.
Dailybuyys brings you Ghicha silk and more…

Product Details Collection : Dailybuyys Tussar Ghicha Silk Sarees
Saree: dailybuyys Pure Natural Tussar Ghicha Silk Sarees Homespun
Texture & Feel Blouse : Running
Fabric Work: Handloom Weight: 800 Grams
Wash: Normal Gentle Wash (Dry Wash first time)
Delivery Details 4 - 7 Business days
Cash on Delivery : All over India Free Shipping : All over India Delivery : Worldwide
Condition : New

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