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Western Wear

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Western Wear(Add to Cart Get 15% Additional Discount Limited time Offer)

Western Wear(Add to Cart Get 15% Additional Discount Limited time Offer)

Rs. 1,345.00 Rs. 2,000.00

Western Dresses for Women Dailybuyys party dress is a formal, bright and colorful dress that you wear to a formal event. It's also commonly known a...

Western Wear(Add to Cart Get 15% Additional Discount Limited time Offer)

Rs. 1,345.00
Rs. 2,000.00
(33% off)

There is no such thing as "too much clothes". No matter how many clothes are stuffed into our closet, yet the crisis to find that perfect dress before even the most casual outing is a terror. To combat that crisis up to some extent is western wear. One of the most popular and in vogue wear in town! Comfortable, practical and trendy.
Since the invasion of western culture within our borders, more and more people have voluntarily adopted western wear. With a range of versatile and comfortable fabrics available in western wear, it has eventually become the choice of outfit for almost every occasion.
The biggest high-point of western wear is that it can be styled in various ways, in every aesthetic one wants to. Unlike menswear, women’s western wear clothing aren’t simply restricted to the basic tees and pants. And, today especially, there are a plethora of styles and categories for women to choose from especially now that fashion has taken a more unisexual turn. Ranging from tops, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses and so much more. Not just that, these categories are furthermore divided into various sub-categories depending on their aesthetic, prints, patterns, colors, cuts and fits for every aesthetic.
Dailybuyys has so far focused on to Indian and ethnic wear but now we are taking a turn into our new genre of western wear. Offering a wide range of dresses with varied lengths, co-ord sets, top-wears and even bottoms in a wide array of fabrics. From Royal satin and silks to dreamy organza, funky georgettes and elegant and graceful cottons. The garments are aided with a personal twist from Dailybuyys by incorporating our unique and home-crafted blocks for block printing. Digital prints, hand paintings, embroidery and tie-dye are also available in our collection. Dailybuyys is your one stop for all those trendy Western wear outfits from your bucket-list.

Come explore and shop from our collection and add to your closet the trendiest of designs.

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