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Madhubani Handpaint Pure Tussar Ghicha Silk Sarees

Posted on June 18 2022

Saree is six yards of woven beauty. The unstitched length of fabrics provide absolute freedom to drape a saree in endless styles and limitless possiblities. The most sought after choice of clothing among Indian woman is adorned with beautiful details and colors. Dailybuyys chose to combine Madhubani on sarees to enhance the beauty of not only the drape but also to promote traditional Indian art-forms.
Madhubani, an art style about stories, traditions and emotions. Madhubani art is an Indian and Nepalese painting style practiced in the Mithila regions of India and Nepal, whose main theme is religion, social and elements of nature. The earliest use of Madhubani had been found in traditional and sacred Hindu and Sanskrit scriptures depicting stories of ras-leela, nature, tree of life, religious rituals and alike designs and references. Madhubani houses five different art styles;
Dailybuyys has undertaken the initiative to merge art and fashion to revive and spread this beautiful art form not only across India, but all over the world. Carefully hand painted by our skilled painters, Dailybuyys offers Madhubani on tussar silk and ghicha and even on cotton and it's variants. We at Dailybuyys adorn our sarees in bharni, katchni, godna and kohbar genres of madhubani. We assure you finest quality fabrics and weave with the most capable artisans and artists working on the beautiful six yards of woven fabrics. Our dedication and keen scrutiny of the products we offer will surely satisfy your aesthetics.
We invite you to come visit our website and add a piece of authentic Indian history to your collection. Drape yourself in authentic madhubani tussar silk, tussar ghicha, cottons and handloom cottons.
Click on the link to visit us https://dailybuyys.com/collections/tussare-silk-madhubani-sarees
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