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Sambalpuri Sarees : The exclusive craftmanship

Posted on July 11 2022

Sambalpuri Sarees has a tale as rich and interesting as the craftsmanship of the same. These exclusive pure silk weave sarees, might appear similar to Bomkai sarees to amature eyes, but the once well versed in sarees will know that the biggest difference is that, Sambalpuri sarees produced in Sambalpur has Bandhkala work, which sets them apart.

These beautiful silk ikat drapes were limited to the Orissa until 1980s. It was only when former Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi wore Sambalpuri silk sarees and thus popularized it to the extent that they are one of the most sought after silk variant across the country.

Made from 100% pure tussar silk, these ikat sambalpuri sarees are celebrated for their exquisitely woven pallus and borders in contrasting colors and meaningful designs inspired from the motifs of Odisha; consolidation of conventional themes like shankha (shell), chakra (wheel), phula (blossom), all of which have profound imagery. Sambalpuri sarees portray an original style of craft known as Baandha, exclusive to Odisha. Traditionally created with motifs of flora or fauna or with geometrical patterns, the modern designs depicting portrait, landscape and flower pods are seen in recent creations by current generation of Baandha weavers. Created using a tie & dye technique, the yarns are tied according to the desired patterns to prevent absorption of dyes, and then dyed. The unique feature of this form of designing is that the designs are reflected almost identically on both side of the saree.This versatile technique enables a craftsman to weave colourful designs, patterns and images into a saree capable of inspiring a thought or conveying a message.

We at Dailybuyys work directly with Baandha weavers from Odisha, to bring to our customers, the finest, authentic and pure Sambalpuri tussar ghicha silk sarees. To preserve the quality of the work, every Sambalpuri saree is only produced on order.

Dailybuyys aims at popularising authentic Indian heritage weaves and drapes not only across the country but all over the world.

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