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Kathiawar Sarees: Where myth and fashion collide

Posted on July 02 2022

The story of Lord Krishna killing Jara Sangh to free 1600 woman and later marrying them all to provide them with a respectable status in society, is a story we have all grown up hearing. And equally well known is the portion where these 1600 woman gifted Lord Krishna pieces of embroidered textile exclusive to their state, as a token of gratitude and love. All of these embroideries breathed on the very land of Saurashtra, making Gujarat one of the most fertile playgrounds for the brightest and most intricate embroideries and needlework. Among all, one the oldest and most important is definitely Kathi embroidery, better known as Kathiawar embroidery.

The vibrant and intricate needlework is borne out of four basic stitches- interlacing, darning, herringbone and chain stitch. Often adorned by mirrors to aid to the charm of the embroidery, Kathiawar is widely loved and appreciated not only in the country but even abroad.

Kathiawar embroidery is also widely influenced by the Punjabi stitch, Phulkari. The fine, close and intricacies of the needlework is not only beautiful but extremely enchanting to look at. The fact that Kathiawar not only has a trail of long history but is a part of a sacred religious myth makes the embroidery even more special.

At Dailybuyys we have adorned our Tussar silk and other sarees with Kathiawar embroidery. The embroideries are all done by hand by skilled artisans at our own factory under meticulous supervision to ensure that we can provide our customers with the best products because owning a Kathiawar saree is not just an addition to your collection it is an investment into a piece of heritage.

Come shop at Dailybuyys the widest range of Kathiawar sarees.

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