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Kanjivaram: Woven extravagance

Posted on June 22 2022

Dailybuyys and our fascination with extravagant weaves from the south is reflected rightly in our collection of saree on the website. Tops the list of our picks is the age old bridal wear from Tamil Nadu woven in mulberry silk thread, Kanjivaram. This elegant wear is made in silk and adorned with zari threads.
3 shuttles are used to weave a Kanjivaram saree. The weaver works on the right side, his helper works on the left side shuttle. The border and the body are generally of different colours. In a genuine Kanjivaram silk saree, the border and body are woven separately and later connected with a zigzag stitch. This uniqueness in it's making is what differentiates Kanjivaram sarees from all other ones.
The wide colorful borders have traditionally been adorned with temples, checks, stripes and buttas. The more extravagant sarees are gilded with gold on silk base which are generally reserved for special occasions.
We at Dailybuyys understand the essence and sentiments people share whenever they invest into a Kanjivaram saree therefore we carefully curate to provide our customers with the experience that they seek. Visit the wide range of Kanjivaram sarees from Dailybuyys through clicking on the link https://dailybuyys.com/collections/kanchivaram-sarees to add to your closet a piece of Indian heritage.
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