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Indo-western fashion : An amalgation of East and West

Posted on June 21 2022

Dailybuyys has initiated a venture into the genre Indo-western fashion. Globalization has introduced diversification all over the globe. The boundaries are blurred and mingling is higher than ever.The Western world has had a fair deal of impact all over, acting like the leading cultural identity. This landslide impact has had the most effect on fashion. With people all over switching more towards jeans, shirts, skirts, tops, etc and almost ditching their traditonal wear is fairly common. However, one country has successfully balanced between welcoming western fashion while also preserving their own identity in a solid and valid manner. India, a developing country, has had one of the most exposure to western fashion owing to the requirement of constant contact with them through various facets of life.
With the heavy infiltration of western fashion, a group of Indian fashion designers like Dailybuyys has found a way to amalgate western and indian wear and created a whole new genre called Indo-western fashion.
Indo-western fashion is characterized by western silhouettes embossed with Indian produce. Fabrics generally used are khadi, linen, silk, muslin, jute and alike. The highlight of Indo-western fashion is ornamenting garments with Indian motifs and elements like kalamkari art, madhubani art, ajrak prints etc. and indian embroideries like gujrati stitch, kashmiri stitch, kantha stitch, toda embroidery, etc. Indo-western garment has such a stint of uniqueness in them that it has surpassed the Indian boundaries and found popularity abroad in countries like UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc.
Indo-western has evolved into such a huge genre now that majority of Indians has taken up this genre as a style of choice.
At Dailybuyys, we make unique handmade indo-western pieces in the finest of fabrics curated carefully from all over the country and printed, painted and embroidered exclusively at our own factory to assure quality and standard.
Visit us at https://dailybuyys.com/collections/indo-west-crew to shop from our collection.Dailybuyys assures customer satisfaction so we invite you to come explore our collection.
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