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Embroidery Kantha Stitch Pure Ghicha Tussar Saree

Posted on July 12 2022

India and embroidery has had a long past of relationship. It is one of the oldest form of ornamentation since time immemorial. From works as simple as kantha stitch to intricacies like kutchi and kashmiri stitch, over the years the craftsmanship in embroidery work has developed 10 folds to the extent that it is not only appreciated across the country but also all over the world. With the years to revolve, the methods has shifted to machine embroideries to keep up with the demand but the essence and quality of the work has been well preserved.

At Dailybuyys, we have brought forth to the customers, an exquisite embroidered saree, on pure ghicha tussar silk. The intricacies invested into it will surely enchant you. Come explore our collection on embroidered Ghicha Tussar Silk Saree Collection.

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