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Delicate Elegance: Muslin Silk saree

Posted on June 25 2022

Sarees have stood the test of time and consistently held their place through the ups and downs of the ever-changing wheel of fashion.With the transition of fashion into modernism, sarees have evolved their status through more versatile draping and fabric choices. But the choice of classic fabrics is till in high demand.
With more women following onto the footprints of self-dependency and going out for work, women are looking for fabrics that are comfortable and easy to wear throughout the day. To fulfill this demand Dailybuyys brings to you our collection of fine Muslin silk sarees.
Muslin Silk is a blended fabric made out of 60% Viscose Filament Yarn in Warp and 40%  Cotton/Viscose Rayon Spun Yarn in Weft. This fabric replicates silk and is Eco-friendly, skin-friendly, durable and easily dye-able. The silk texture produces the lux look while blending it with cotton provides breath-ability and comfort through this scorching tropical summer. Muslin sarees are woven from the finest variety of silk that is homegrown in Bengal. Dailybuyys brings to their customer this essence and heritage of Bengal and opens it's door to the world.
This beautiful and elegant unstitched stretch of 6 yards fabric is the perfect pick for any occasion. At Dailybuyys, our range of Muslin silk saree provides you with a variety so wide that you'll find a pick for any walk of life. Dress up however you like and whenever you want in our beautiful muslin silk sarees.

Come shop at https://dailybuyys.com/collections/pure-muslin-sarees to add a fine muslin silk saree to your closet. Make these Bengal heritage a part of your collection.

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