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Upadda Silk from Dailybuyys

Posted on July 18 2022

India is a land of diversity and so is the wide variety of drapes available across the country. One of such unique silk variant is Upadda silk. Named after a small beach town of Upadda in Andhra Pradesh, these sarees are known for their gorgeous look and light weight. Their origin comes from the age old Jamdani method and usually made with cotton warp. Known for the unique design in them, Upadda silk sarees are defined by the length and breadth count of threads. Uppada silk sarees are embedded with pure zari, therefore, making it the perfect attire when carving for ethnic fashion. Notably, these types of sarees require a lot of effort from the weavers. The weaving process takes a fortnight or even a couple of months to complete. They, however, take 10-60 days for 2-3 weavers based on the time spent per day to make.

Dailybuyys has the widest range of Upadda silk collection. We work in close relation with authentic weavers sourcing drapes from Andhra Pradesh.


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