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Kerala Cotton with Kasavu border at Dailybuyss

Posted on July 19 2022

Keeping pace with the diversity of the country, the saree variety across the nation is equally rich and and refined. With the style taking a change in course with every state border one crosses, India never ceases to produce a platter piled with fashion diversity. Exploring all regions, when we reach the southern peninsular of India, we are greeted by an aesthetic that is so exclusive and original to the region that it is hard to not recognize it.

One such traditional drape are the world renowned Kerala cotton. The variants in this form is uncountable but the one that Dailybuyys feel fascinated by are the Kasavu kerala sarees.

The term Kasavu doesn't refer to any particular fabric, instead it is the zari border on the saree. Kasavu is made with silver saree plated with gold. Classic Kasavu borders are plain and broad in solid gold. These traditional drapes were earlier reserved for the elites and royals and only recently began to be used by the commons. But even then they are only exclusively brought in occasion purposes, weddings, religious rituals and even during funerals. The grandeur of the sarees depend on the width of the Kasavu. Some sarees are produced in 3-4 days while others might take up to months to be made.

Kerala cotton is renowned for it high breath-ability and softness. Being worn by the people living in hot and humid coastal region, the saree produced are of absolute comfort. But with time the weavers are losing on jobs because of the gradual drop in interest in the classic Kasavu Kerala saree.

In order to revive that, Dailybuyys has collaborated with Kasavu cluster weavers and is producing colored and dyed authentic Kerala cotton with Kasavu borders and then adorning then with our very own skilled hand painting. Each design is unique and exclusively made on order.

Dailybuyys is proud to invite you to come and explore our Kasavu Kerala cotton drapes and buy and support us to save this GI marked traditional saree.



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