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Authentic Cotton Hand-loom Saree from Dailybuyys

Posted on June 27 2022

Authentic Handloom Cotton Sarees New Collections 2020

The earliest recorded evidence of weaving in Bengal can be dated as early as 15th century in Shantipur of Nadia district. Bengal has a long history of producing fine cotton which has been popular among the western world for centuries referred to as "woven air".

With the escalation of conscious fashion among the mass and people seeking to invest into sustainable fashion, Dailybuyys has noticed the opportunity to re-uplift Bengal weaves to it's previous glory. Dailybuyys is working with Bengal weavers and skilled Bengal artisans to bring to the customers the finest and most authentic Hand-loom saree collection. Pure cotton sarees in solids and also adorned with embroidery, applique work, mirror work, sequins and beads, ruffle details, hand-paint, block prints and even screen prints are available in Dailybuyys' broad and versatile collection.

Delve into the soft, elegant, yet luxurious cotton fabric that drapes around your silhouette seamlessly and adds to your beauty.

Hand-loom cotton are the best for hot and humid summer as it's weave helps retain breath-ability and absorb the sweat making it comfortable and easy to wear all day long. Cotton hand-looms is the best pick for office wear. The wide variety also provides enough option to choose for any occasion; there is one for every pick.

Invest in our fine Bengal hand-loom sarees or in our carefully curated hand-loom sarees from all over the country. Join us in saving and promoting our country's heritage across the globe and also add a trail of history to your closet.
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