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An Ode to Bengal Cotton

Posted on June 20 2022

At a time where everyone is trying to move more towards a sustainable fashion, what can be a better option that the oldest plant fiber cotton. The lightweight, absorbent, breathable and soothing fabric has been a choice of fabric for various styles of garments for ages. Be it eastern or western wear, cotton has always found a place to be of use to designers. But in the recent past with both consumers and designers heading towards a more conscious and sustainable fashion, the demand and appreciation for cotton is higher than ever.
The origin of cotton dates back to the Indus Valley civilization but Bengal and cotton share ages of history together. Originally woven at Dhaka, Bangladesh (then part of India), received an unique identity owing to the Mughal patronage and Hindu influences. In the 15th century a more palpable weaving technique developed in Shantipur, which not only improved the weaving quality but also helped weavers produce more units. The Europeans had always turned towards Bengal for fine cotton weaves. They were so fascinated by the quality and feel of the fabric that the Bengal cotton was eventually referred to as "woven air" by the Westerners.
After the event of partition during the Independence of the country, a number of weavers crossed and settled in India around Shantipur, Phulia, Nadia and Dhaniakhali in West Bengal and continue to produce fine cotton fabric till date. But unfortunately the popularity of these weavers has declined over the years owing to people turning more towards western wear, however, using the popularity of conscious and sustainable fashion, Dailybuyys has undertaken the initiative to join the battle to revive the heritage of Bengal and promote it globally.
Dailybuyys is working with weavers directly and also providing selling platform to them, to expose the fine Bengal cotton to the world through our collection of both plain and ornamented cotton sarees, dyed and printed tops, dresses, kurti and kurta sets, blouses, skirts and pants.
Come visit us on our website https://dailybuyys.com/ to surf through our collection or click on the link -> https://dailybuyys.com/collections/malmal-batik-sarees to choose and buy from our cotton collection exclusively and support us on our journey to revive Bengal cotton in all it's glory.
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