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  • Viscous Khadi Grey Silk Sarees  with Black Silk Mark Certified Muslin Pallu

Viscous Khadi Grey Silk Sarees with Black Silk Mark Certified Muslin Pallu

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Extra Rs. 1,461 discount Rs. 3,138.00 Rs. 4,599.00 (32% off)

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Product Details

Dailybuyys Khadi has long been associated with the freedom movement and the strong will of a nation to set itself free from the clutches of a century-long foreign rule. While the usage of Khadi reduced post independence, this hand-woven fabric is now making a fashionable comeback,  which help one stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Dailybuyys Khadi is a versatile and light fabric which makes it comfortable to wear and carry. It also lasts long and is used to make a large variety of items, one of which is obviously the saree. One important thing to note is that Dailybuyys Khadi is generally woven using only cotton. But the demand for different varieties has resulted in the use of other materials like silk and wool. Nonetheless, any silk or wool Khadi clothing will have some percentage of cotton in it.Dailybuyys Khadi silk is 50% cotton and 50% silk. Dailybuyys fabric is characterized by its sheen and luxurious appearance. It is more expensive than cotton Khadi and must only be dry-cleaned as opposed to cotton Khadi that needs to be starched so that it maintains its firm and crisp texture. Weaving Cotton Silk Saree 100% Original Handloom Products Easy to Wash Good For Regular Use .

Dailybuyys is the only Platform to offer ethnic and traditional handloom khadi sarees . The  Khadi sarees manufactured by Dailybuyys are 100% hand weaved handloom khadi silk sarees . In Dailybuyys weavers use their high precision techniques to weave sarees without usage of electricity in an ethnic way to uphold the culture .  Dailybuyys is offering Khadi Sarees  at a very reasonable price along with exciting discounts and offers .

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